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"The aliens kill us without bloodshed, it's a slow death. 
They destroy our fields, we can't feed us anymore. 
So, you know what to do : destroy them and feed us." 

-Each day you should provide food (the amount is on the top bar). You get food when you harvest fields. 

-There is 3 levels of field : the first one gives 10 food, the second 20 food, the third 30. Each day all fields are gaining a level. 

-You can buy turrets to destroy aliens. Each turret can be upgraded (it costs 750$) 

-Each destroyed alien gives you 500$. 

-If you don't provide enough food, some of us will die. If you provide enough food, we will be more. 

Ludum Dare page


SlowExtinction.jar 11 MB

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